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1 billion people around the world go to sleep hungry every night, the vast majority of whom (600 million) are innocent children . Hunger results in a child dying a preventable death every 20 seconds. Save The Children

Clean water, sanitation, healthcare, education are things we tend to take for granted. On the other hand, a lack of these basic fundamentals of life become the cause of death of a child every 3 seconds. Save The Children

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Help A Child Project

Help A Child Project are a not for profit global organisation with one goal: ‘To save children from any form of suffering’. Our work covers countries worldwide, enabling us to make a difference to the lives of children a year facing unimaginable circumstances. We work directly with children to listen to their stories, ensuring their voices are heard, their wishes respected and ultimately empowering them to fight for the justice every child deserves.

Help A Child Project aim to eradicate these issues. Leading our campaigns with the hope to give these impoverished children the best start in life and a brighter future. We not only run ongoing programmes to improve the standard of living and provide security for children across poverty countries. Help A Child Project have an emergency fund so they can respond immediately whenever a disaster strikes, anywhere in the world.

We as individuals cannot resolve all the problems in the world. But every little we do individually, united makes a big impact. Please support the crucial work Help A Child Project do by donating today.

Every second matters, every penny counts. Every child deserves a future. Their future is in your hands. Take action now.



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