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It is often said, we do not realise the true value of something we have, until it becomes something we had. Our health and well being is one such thing. Too often, we take good health for granted but it is only when illness inflicts us or someone we love do we truly reflect on how important our health is to us. This is why at Help A Child Project, in recognition of the central role maintaining good health plays in our lives, providing medicine for all, medical aid equipment and specialist medical treatment forms the cornerstone of Help A Child Project aims and objectives.

Specialising in medical aid distribution, treatment and disability support provision since our inception, Help A Child Project has successfully delivered many life-saving and life-changing initiatives worldwide which continue to play an incremental role in the lives of thousands of children with disabilities, children in need, orphans, the and the most vulnerable children.


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Cure Our World by Help A Child Project, we are only too aware of the fact that so far as children are concerned, they are often the main victims of some deadliest diseases and infections. For example in Pakistan, Acute respiratory infections (ARI) affect 51% of the population. Among the victims of ARI, most vulnerable are children whose immune systems have been weakened by malnutrition. In 2006 there were 16,056,000 reported cases of ARI, out of which 25.6% were children under the age of five. Had there been adequate preventative mechanisms in place at the time, medical research has shown, a large number of these cases and subsequent fatalities would have been prevented at the diagnosis stage which would have stopped or seriously hindered the spread of this potentially life-threatening disease.


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