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Clean water is essential to the survival of any living thing on this planet. With out it, humans, plants and animals alike, will not survive. However, 750 million people internationally do not have access to clean drinking water, that is 1 in every 9 people alive today for whom a sip of clean drinking water remains a distant dream. Furthermore, out of the 30,000 people in poverty who die a preventable death every week due to diseased water, 90% of them are children in poverty under the age of 5 who die unnecessarily as they did not have access to a water purification plant, they were denied adequate water and sanitation which should be a right given to all. Accessibility of water charity and water aid has become a matter for great concern among medical experts worldwide.

The lack of clean water has become such a desperate situation today shown by the fact that not only is it one of the primary causes of child poverty, but it also results in 80 % of the illnesses in the developing world being water related.


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Children Water Appeal

This is why, Children Water Appeal by Help A Child Project, aims to focus on water purification, providing clean water to water poverty stricken countries and communities across the globe. This charity water could be in the form of hand-pumps, large village wells, water tankers or indeed basic sanitation.

Providing clean drinking water, charity water for cooking, cleaning and other life essentials is not just merely providing the basics to survival itself, it is much more than that to those living in child poverty. The presence of nearby clean drinking water will allow the community’s children specifically it’s daughters the opportunity to go to school as they no longer have to face a future with out an education which their hearts so desperately desire and need.

Please support the crucial work Help A Child Project do by donating today.

Every second matters, every penny counts. Every child deserves a future. Their future is in your hands. Take action now.



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