Cure Our World Appeal

Cure Our World by Help A Child Project, we are only too aware of the fact that so far as children are concerned, they are often the main victims of some deadliest diseases and infections. For example in Pakistan, Acute respiratory infections (ARI) affect 51% of the population. Among the victims of ARI, most vulnerable are children whose immune systems have been weakened by malnutrition. In 2006 there were 16,056,000 reported cases of ARI, out of which 25.6% were children under the age of five. Had there been adequate preventative mechanisms in place at the time, medical research has shown, a large number of these cases and subsequent fatalities would have been prevented at the diagnosis stage which would have stopped or seriously hindered the spread of this potentially life-threatening disease.


A small donation to our Cure Our World Appeal can make a big difference.


Educate Our World Appeal

Educate Our World by Help A Child Project aims to educate tomorrow’s future, today! Making the dreams of countries future Doctors, nurses and medical professionals a reality! Despite all of the technological, educational and scientific advancements internationally over the past few decades, we live in a world where 61,000,000 of our children do not have access to even the most basic standard of education. Help A Child Project plays a central role in providing educational opportunities for young students, boys and girls who dream of a career in the medical field. Help A Child Project hopes to empower children through education.


Child Food Crisis Appeal

We are helping vulnerable people to buy food, providing farmers with seeds, and supporting health clinics experienced in working with malnourished children and pregnant mothers.

We are also constructing new wells and water points, and mending old ones that have broken down, so that people have access to water. We are employing local people to work on these projects, so they can earn a decent wage and can afford to buy food for their families.

Help A Child Project distributed food to those who need it most, ensuring that children get nutritious meals to keep them healthy.

  • Provided safe drinking water to remote communities, camps for displaced people, schools and hospitals
  • Treated cases of malnutrition, focusing on children under five and pregnant women
  • Built child friendly spaces for displaced children where they can play, learn and access emotional support in a safe space.

Children Water Appeal

This is why, Children Water Appeal by Help A Child Project, aims to focus on water purification, providing clean water to water poverty stricken countries and communities across the globe. This charity water could be in the form of hand-pumps, large village wells, water tankers or indeed basic sanitation.

Providing clean drinking water, charity water for cooking, cleaning and other life essentials is not just merely providing the basics to survival itself, it is much more than that to those living in child poverty. The presence of nearby clean drinking water will allow the community’s children specifically it’s daughters the opportunity to go to school as they no longer have to face a future with out an education which their hearts so desperately desire and need.

Please support the crucial work Help A Child Project do by donating today.

Every second matters, every penny counts. Every child deserves a future. Their future is in your hands. Take action now.



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