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Sponsor A Child

Sponsor A Child

It is often said, we do not realise the true value of something we have, until it becomes something we had. Our health and well being is one such thing. Too often, we take good health for granted but it is only when illness inflicts us or someone we love do we truly reflect on how important our health is to us. This is why at Help A Child Project, in recognition of the central role maintaining good health plays in our lives, providing medicine for all, medical aid equipment and specialist medical treatment forms the cornerstone of Help A Child Project aims and objectives.

There are more than 1 billion children living in poverty, worldwide, approximately 22,000 children die from poverty each day. Lack of food, water and sanitation make them more susceptible to diseases, which often can be preventable or treatable, yet for these children it can, more often than not, be fatal. These impoverished children tend to be illiterate, making them more vulnerable to exploitation, abuse and discrimination. These children have to face unimaginable situations, having to grow up before their time, witness acts of horror which can leave them with detrimental psychological effects scarring them for life. Sponsor a Child

Sponsor a child

Help A Child Project aim to eradicate these issues by leading several campaigns across countries. We work directly with children to listen to their stories, ensuring their voices are heard, their wishes respected and ultimately empowering them to fight for the justice every child deserves and take control of their own lives. You can sponsor individual children in a country of your choice; whether it be an orphan or a war child or for a particular cause such as education or a child with a particular health problem such as cleft lip. When you Sponsor a Child we will provide you with basic information about them, a photo, personalised messages throughout the year as well as regular reports on their progress. Sponsor a Child

Specialising in medical aid distribution, treatment and disability support provision since our inception, Help A Child Project has successfully delivered many life-saving and life-changing initiatives worldwide which continue to play an incremental role in the lives of thousands of children with disabilities, children in need, orphans, the and the most vulnerable children.

Why sponsor a child?

It is our moral obligation, for the sake of humanity, to help those that are less fortunate than ourselves. Sponsoring a Child not only provides crucial aid and education to improve the well-being of children, but also transforms their lives for the future. Help A Child Project believe that:

Every child needs love, affection and the emotional support to grow up in to confident adults with high self-esteem

Every child deserves a fair opportunity to reach their full potential

Every child should have a safe and harmonious environment to grow up in

Every child has the right to a good quality education

Every child has the right to clean water, good sanitation and hygiene

Every child has the right to nourishing food

What can your money provide when you sponsor a child?

Help A Child Project provide nurturing shelter to protect children against violence, corruption, impoverishment, ensuring they have the stability and support they require to rebuild their confidence. We provide counselling services to help children recover from the burden of having to grown up before their time so they can integrate back in to society. We also strongly believe in educating every child to empower them to defend themselves and fight for their rights and providing them with the skills to enable them to actively build a better life for themselves.  Sponsor a Child

“Medical treatment, Access to good sanitation, Clean water, Nourishing food, A safe and comfortable bed to sleep in, Counselling services, Education, Skill based training.”

We as individuals cannot  resolve all the problems in  the world. But every little we do individually, united makes a big impact. Please support the crucial work Help A Child Project do by donating today.

Every second matters, every penny counts. Every child deserves a future.

Their future is in your hands. Take action now.

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