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Food Crisis Appeal

Food Crisis Appeal

Hunger takes the life of children in poverty daily that is why Help A Child Project has launched Child Food Crisis Appeal. Help A Child Project  provides life-saving and life-changing meals to the poor, needy and disprivilledged in some of the world’s poorest countries and communities.

“There are 1 billion people who go to sleep hungry every night, 600 million of the world’s hungry are starving children. 2 billion tonnes of food produced are said to be wasted every year, 89 million tonnes in the European Union alone. Food is a basic right of every human being and there is no doubt we can feed a starving country with what we throw away.”

Food is a basic right everyone must have. However, so many children in need, orphans, people with disabilities, dream of even having a morsal of bread to eat. This is whilst studies show, over 92 billion tonnes of food produced in the world are wasted every year over 89 million tonnes of it in Europe alone, much of the food wasted is from our own homes. When Mothers of the world cry out: “feed my starving children,” we can not ignore their call for help, their desperate plee for support to end poverty.

Until recently, Ethiopia was in the throes of the worst drought in 50 years which threatened over 30 million people in the affected area. We are helping vulnerable people to buy food, providing farmers with seeds, and supporting health clinics experienced in working with malnourished children and pregnant mothers.

We are also constructing new wells and water points, and mending old ones that have broken down, so that people have access to water. We are employing local people to work on these projects, so they can earn a decent wage and can afford to buy food for their families.

Help A Child Project distributed food to those who need it most, ensuring that children get nutritious meals to keep them healthy. Provided safe drinking water to remote communities, camps for displaced people, schools and hospitals
Treated cases of malnutrition, focusing on children under five and pregnant women. Built child friendly spaces for displaced children where they can play, learn and access emotional support in a safe space.

Save a life please donate today to our Child Food Crisis Appeal.


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