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Children In Need

The world is in a state of emergency, Coronavirus Pandemic is hitting the poorest countries in the world. 1 billion people around the world go to sleep hungry every night, the vast majority of whom (600 million) are innocent children . Hunger results in a child dying a preventable death every 20 seconds. 

Children suffering from infectious diseases, malnutrition, child mental health issues, hereditary diseases is a global issue which is on the rise. Our aim is to raise awareness of these issues to implement strategies to improve basic health and sanitation needs, provide support and guidance for families, and counselling services where required.  

“16,000 children under five die each day, mostly from preventable or treatable causes. 50% of deaths in children aged under five are caused by infectious diseases such as malaria, tuberculosis and pneumonia. Depression is the top cause of illness and disability among adolescents and suicide is the third cause of death. Every 15 seconds a child dies of malnutrition. Malnourishment makes children more susceptible to disease and early death.”

Children around the world are living in the toughest circumstances due to poverty. For those who are mothers, it is a constant fight to protect and feed their children. Help A Child Project is a children’s charity to help children in need, determined to give every child living in poverty the greatest possible chance in life.

How Can Your Money Save Children in Need?


Mosquito nets and repellents

Access to good sanitation

Clean water

Nourishing food

Counselling services

Education and training on good hygiene practices

Education about healthy diets

We as individuals cannot  resolve all the problems in  the world. But every little we do individually, united makes a big impact. Please support the wonderful work Help A Child Project do by donating today.

Every second matters, every penny counts. Every child deserves a future.

Their future is in your hands. Take action now.

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