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The world is in a state of emergency, Coronavirus Pandemic is hitting the poorest countries in the world. 1 billion people around the world go to sleep hungry every night, the vast majority of whom (600 million) are innocent children . Hunger results in a child dying a preventable death every 20 seconds.

Help A Child Project is a not for profit global organisation with one goal: ‘To save children from any form of suffering’. Our work covers countries worldwide, enabling us to make a difference to the lives of children a year facing unimaginable circumstances. We work directly with children to listen to their stories, ensuring their voices are heard, their wishes respected and ultimately empowering them to fight for the justice every child deserves. Help A Child Project transforms the lives of the most vulnerable people across the world with a special focus on the plight of women and children. We're helping and saving lives regardless of religion or race.

Help A Child Project is not affiliated with Save The Children. Help A Child Project is a registered charity in Norway, helping orphans and children in need, determined to give every child living in poverty the greatest possible chance in life. Help A Child Project also help with education, sanitation and health.

All donations will go towards the Save Children ‘Emergency Appeal Fund’ to ensure our teams can direct funds to where they are most needed.

Emergency Appeals

Children's Charity

Children’s Charity

Children’s Charities are expected to raise millions during the year, most people donate to many different causes that affect people in poverty stricken countries. The

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